I was born in the French Alps, and I have explored differents domains of photography: outdoor sports, live music, portraits, until I realized that something was missing : the significance of my work. When it comes to people, you cannot expect to only focus on the visual aspect. A stunning portrait with no story connected with the subject would be worthless to me.

I would like my work to be considered as a chance for people to be in the light they deserve, to document a  changing world and help them meet other people.
I focus on long term projects, to create strong human connections, allowing me to discover their lives in depth. I’m 25 years old now, with big dreams and projects to come!

Time. Respect. Honesty.
I employ these keywords in my life, and thereby in my work.

Time to learn, be involved, know people better.
Show Respect to document my subjects in a positive way, considering  feelings mutually.
Honesty throughout images, not to distort reality by editing, to simply explain things as they are.